[Samba] Changes to wiki editing policy

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 27 02:55:35 GMT 2007

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Heads up everyone,

In an effort to cut down on SPAM in the wiki, we are
instituting a means of approving accounts before a user
can edit content.  This will still be a fairly low bar to
entry but gives a means of preventing spammers from
registering new accounts with no oversight.

Things are just getting in place.  The wiki is back online
after schedule maintenance earlier today.  Everyone who
previously had an account still does (with the exception of
a few that have been blocked for SPAM). However, you
will need to send a mail to <wiki-editor at samba.org>
requesting that your account be authorized to edit pages.

For those people who have been doing a superb (or event
halfway decent job), this is no big deal.  We'll look over
the contributions log and verify that it's all legit, and
email you back as soon as possible.  This is not an effort
to control content or accuracy (everyone here does a good
job of that).  It is solely an effort to raise the signal
to noise by reducing SPAM.

For new accounts, this is still a pretty open trust policy.

We've also locked the front page and will be designing
a slimmer look and feel in hopes of helping organize
things more.  More on this later.

So if you haven't taken part in the wiki, check it out
at http://wiki.samba.org/.  If you have questions about
it, the <samba at samba.org> mailing list is the best place
to start.

Thanks again to everyone for making Samba better.

cheers, The Samba Team

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