[Samba] Windows 98 caching too much

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Fri Feb 23 23:04:53 GMT 2007

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
> We have an old Win98 box at work that is used for programming GALs and 
> EEPROMs, however we find that if the file is modified on the Unix side the 
> Win98 box doesn't notice. This is rather annoying when you are iterating a 
> design as you can imagine!
> One work around is to open a DOS box and 'type' the file - this seems to force 
> it to re-get the file.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could force it to not cache? File 
> performance is not an issue on the Win98 box as all it is used for is 
> GAL/EEPROM programming.
> T
May be silly, but does the window 98 box have the same idea of time that 
the samba
server does?  I've often seen 'make' issues with this over nfs, and I've 
seen the reverse where windows fusses when it thinks that some other 
program has modified the file,
when it's time is behind the server time.

In your case if the windows box is ahead of the samba box, it compares 
time stamps, and
says, "My copy is newer, therefore I don't need  to fetch it again"

There's a company that sells a windows server called tardis, and a free 
windows client
called K9.  Both implement the nntp protocol.  K9 is just a service that 
listens for broadcast times, and is quite happy to listen to unix nntp 
broadcasts.  Set up a single machine on your network to broadcast a 
timestamp every 64 seconds, set up K9 as a service, and your machines 
remain in perfect sync.

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