[Samba] Tips/hints for Windows network management

stephen mulcahy smulcahy at aplpi.com
Wed Feb 21 14:57:27 GMT 2007

stephen mulcahy wrote:
> Unfortunately, I've also noticed that some of the settings I set in the
> NTConfig.POL using poledit.exe *are not applied* to the clients. A
> simple example would be the desktop Wallpaper. I'm trying to enforce a
> company wallpaper on all systems for consistency - its a good example
> cos it's immediately obvious if the setting has been applied. What I've
> seen when using NTConfig.POL generated from the standard templates (not
> Mike Petersen's which I must go back and further investigate) is that
> some settings are ignored, including Wallpaper. My suspicion is that
> this is due to the Registry key for Desktop Wallpaper changing between
> NT4 and XP SP2.

Further reading of this
confirms that the Microsoft templates may not contain all of the XP2

It also indicates that you can create your own custom templates for new
registry keys - you just need to identify the ones you want to change.
So it's fixable, it just needs some work :)

Anyone have any custom templates specific to XP2 prepared? I see Mike
has a bunch of XP2 settings in his custom.adm but more would be welcome.


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