[Samba] "gid of user xxx doesn't exist" error repeatedly posted to /var/messages

Tim Boneko lists at boneko.de
Wed Feb 21 13:51:24 GMT 2007

Fred Nuffer schrieb:
> Feb 20 09:35:50 SUMSRVR smbd[27950]:   get_alias_user_groups: gid of
> user xxx doesn't exist. Check your /etc/passwd and /etc/group files

Only to make sure i got it right:
You create your users with their own group name, i.e. user fred is
member of the group fred. This group name cannot be found by samba
because samba only knows your domain groups. Is that right?

If so, do you need these "private groups"? I create my users with
primary group "users" which is hinted at by my "Domain Users" group.
I see the downside of home directories being group accessible, but you
can still do "chmod 700" on a home directory which lets in only the
owner. Samba allows manifold policy settings, share specific or global.

If you can't or won't put your users into a common group, i will try to
find a different solution. Will be tricky - the thinking most of all ;-)


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