[Samba] Net groupmap list puzzler

Craig Jackson CJackson at abbott-simses.com
Tue Feb 20 19:50:14 GMT 2007

Hi Dudes,

I have a samba Version 3.0.23d that has successfully joined 
our Server 2003 ADS domain.
# wbinfo -u shows the users
# wbinfo -g shows the groups
And I can chown/grp directories to NT users & groups.
However, # net groupmap list only shows
Administrators (S-1-5-32-544) -> BUILTIN\administrators
Users (S-1-5-32-545) -> BUILTIN\users

So if I try to map groups, this is what happens.
# net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=domadmins
# NT Group Domain Admins doesn't exist in mapping DB

One other problem. I get permission denied when I try to
Modify ACLs. The ext3 file system is mounted with acl and
nt acl support = yes is in the share section defined. 

Please help with a hint. I have Googled and read the Samba
Chapter 12/13 on the net command to no avail.


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