[Samba] "Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name foryour computer network" error on XP Pro SP2 clients for Samba 3.0.23dPDC

stephen mulcahy smulcahy at aplpi.com
Tue Feb 20 17:33:06 GMT 2007

stephen mulcahy wrote:
> In the interests of getting to the bottom of this I went and configured
> Samba on another system as a PDC for a second domain. I then joined yet
> another machine to this domain (of the same spec and configuration as
> the systems I'd previous experienced problems with) and diligently
> examined the event log for any errors ... noting that there were no
> event id 1054 's reported this time.


In the interests of verifying my theories I went and reinstalled one of
our office systems from scratch with Windows XP SP2 and then ran
Microsoft Update to bring the system entirely up to date.

I then went and joined it back to my Samba domain and restarted.

What do I see on reboot only my good friend event 1054. So it looks like
some recent change of Microsoft's is causing this error (since I don't
see it on less up to date systems).

*sigh* - I'm now thoroughly out of ideas but don't know what the
implications of this are other than that it seems to prevent at least
part of my NTConfig.POL being parsed.

I'm surprised no-one else has come across this (or am I the only crazy
installing all of Microsoft's updates on my clients? :).


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