[Samba] Tips/hints for Windows network management

Dave Ewart davee at ceu.ox.ac.uk
Tue Feb 20 16:02:21 GMT 2007


I'm looking for some extremely general tips/hints/ideas here, because I
am sure that I may be missing out on some good ways of managing the
Windows PCs on my network.

This is what I have and what is available to me:

    - Samba 3.0.x (current Debian/Sarge version)

    - LDAP backend for Samba

    - Windows XP SP2 clients

    - Domain users are typically unprivileged users

    - A 'reference PC' for the WinXP disk image, with various
      applications pre-installed and setup

    - I do *not* have any Windows servers or Active Directory available,
      nor any plans to do so

This is what I have figured out and have working so far:

    - Domain logons for Windows XP systems to the Samba system

    - Use of sysprep on the reference PC and partimage to deploy WinXP

    - Use of roaming profiles with folder redirects into users' home on
      the Samba server for many folders (e.g. 'My Documents', 'Recent
      Docs' etc.)

    - Use of poledit.exe and various templates to create NTConfig.POL in
      Samba's NETLOGON share, thus supporting various System Policies (1).

    - Using gpedit.msc on the reference PC to 'deploy' various initial
      policy settings (2)

This is what I *don't* have figured out.  I basically need to find out
whether any of this is possible and, if so, whether it is possible using
my existing toolset:

    - Updating and managing settings that I originally set via
      gpedit.msc on the reference PC: this is (2) above.  I cannot
      change these settings once I've deployed the PC live, whereas for
      settings in (1) above, I can do this via the appropriate System 
      Policy change.  (Basically, if I understand the Windows-terminology 
      correctly, I have instituted Local Group Policy rather than 'real'
      Group Policy?)

    - Deploying software to the WinXP machines: would be nice :-)

Any suggestions for dealing with this setup would be most appreciated,
particularly relating to policy management.  I've read much of the Samba
Book on this area, but it's a little confusing as to what options are
actually available to me with this setup.

Many thanks,


Dave Ewart
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