[Samba] Share list is shown with big latency

Артем Бобровский A.Bobrovskij at mail.ru
Sat Feb 10 18:00:13 GMT 2007

Hi, everyone. I need your help.

I am administrating a not very big network of 7 computers. The server is  
Win2003 Server with Active Directory on it. The workstations are Mandriva  
2007 free. I have configured samba, winbind and all the stuff, so it seams  
to be alright. But there is a big problem. All the workstations are samba  
file servers. When accessing a samba server from a linux PC, it all goes  
fine, but when accessing from the Win server, it takes 5-30 seconds to get  
a respond. It is very bad for the network, because a printer, connected to  
a linux PC, doesn't work through samba because of this. Here is a piece of  
logs with "debug level = 10".

[2007/02/10 14:02:54, 10] smbd/process.c:setup_select_timeout(1284)
   change_notify_timeout: -1
[2007/02/10 14:02:59, 10]  
   got smb length of 39

I don't know what is it doing for those 5 seconds between the two records.  
I need your help badly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
With best regards,

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