[Samba] Windows Vista roaming profiles "access denied"forcedlocalprofile (samba PDC), but Windows XP OK

Elliot Mackenzie macka at adixein.com
Sun Feb 18 11:30:57 GMT 2007

Aha.  You were right, I misinterpreted.  Users did not have write access
to the top-level profiles directory, only to their own share.  I
manually created a <username>.V2 sub-directory in the profiles directory
and the access denied error went away.

There is now another problem, which is that although the user is allowed
to log in and a profile is created, the profile is not copied to the
server at logoff.  I have confirmed that in the advanced settings
(control panel) the profile is marked as roaming, but no files appear in
the profile folder (.v2 or the original) on the server after logoff.  No
errors are recorded in the system log.

Again, Windows XP profiles are working fine.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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