[Samba] msdfs for local redirects?

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Fri Feb 16 15:54:30 GMT 2007


until now the users here did access the samba shares directly via
\\server\share. The number of shares is rising and it should now be
possible to access shares by the department they belong to. Thus the
users need only one drive letter and not many in their windows

To accomplish this I tried the msdfs approach and it's working very

on serverA:

share1 -> msdfs:serverA\share1
share2 -> msdfs:serverA\share2
share3 -> msdfs:serverA\share3

I'm just wondering if I will introduce unnecessary overhead by
exporting _local_ shares this way?

The shares have different permissions and not all of them share the
same config options. Thus I would like to keep them as separate shares
and not just link them with symlinks in the filesystem.


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