[Samba] Part of a domain connected via VPN - is this feasible.

Kevin Bailey kbailey at freewayprojects.com
Fri Feb 16 12:32:42 GMT 2007


A client is setting up a branch office a couple of miles away from the 
main office.

The branch office and the main office will be connected by a router to 
router IpSec VPN at about 1MB per sec.  (Unfortunately this is about the 
only option they have for connection speed.  The next fastest available 
connection is about £3,000 per month).

They want 4 PC's in the branch office to be able to connect to the 
domain at the main office. 

Say I set up the PDC server to use LDAP for its SAM.  And then say I 
install a BDC at the branch office to handle authentication and this BDC 
uses either the PDC's LDAP or its own slave LDAP server for its backend.

Is this setup feasible?

I've read through my copies of Samba3 by example and The official Samba 
3 but can't see any pointers.

Does anyone have experience of the sort of setup I am looking at?



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