[Samba] samba performance

Andrea Lorenz lorenz at rz.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Feb 16 08:47:17 GMT 2007


I try to find out how can I improve the performance of our samba 
installation. For this I install a testbed with a linux server (samba 
and nfs), a linux client, a windows 2003 server and a windows XP client.
All computers are connected with gigabit ethernet.

If I use NFS between the linux client and server I get 65MByte/sec, 
which is quiet a nice performance.
If I use CIFS between the linux client(smbmount) or windows client and 
the samba server I get only 16MByte/sec.
If I use CIFs between the windows client and windows server I get 
35MByte/sec. This the more than double speed of the samba server.

What can be the reason for these different speeds? How can I improve the 
performace of my samba server. I play around with socket options and max 
xmit option. But this does not help. At the moment this values are set:
    max xmit = 65536

I find out, that I can speedup the connection between linux client and 
server if I use smbclient with the option -b 15000 . Than I get 30MByte/sec.
How can I set this option with smbmount and on the windows client?

Thanks a lot,

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