[Samba] appears to be incompatibility between samba versions

Jay G. Scott gl at arlut.utexas.edu
Thu Feb 15 22:32:04 GMT 2007

here's the latest.  i believe this points to a samba version

on a new server, running samba 3.0.22, solaris 10.
client Mac could not get access, claimed password was wrong.
a windows PC did get access.

the log files showed that the password was correct for BOTH the
Mac and the pc.  i repeated this three times to make sure.
the samba 3.0.22 server thinks the password i gave it is fine,
but the client continues to say the password is wrong.

i down-revved the samba server to 3.0.7.
now the client Mac __can__ get it.  i can't find out what
the rev is on the Mac.

there was one Mac at 3.0.10 which was able to access the samba
server running 3.0.22, FWIW.


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