[Samba] can't see both my slackboxes in my internal network

)\( at sS athanasios.silis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 10:21:31 GMT 2007

hello everyone,
for a couple of days now and i have a 2nd slackware 10.2 pc in my home
i carried out the same steps to enable me to access my home folders on this
slackbox too as i did for the oter pc.
basically i did the absolutely minimum:
-renamed the smb.conf-sample that came with slack10.2 to smb.conf
-changed the 'server name' option to smth unique for this pc
-changed the 'host allow' option to see my internal network.
-added user nass with smbpasswd.

now i can see this new slackbox pc in my internal network (from my winXP
network places) but not the other one!
if i remove the new pc from the network then i can see the old one again!
any ideas?
thank you in advance for your help

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