[Samba] Access Samba machine from Windows without an account on Samba

Brijesh Shukla shukla.brijesh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 05:51:05 GMT 2007

Hi, Samba/ Active Directory list.
Kindly teach me, How can I access Linux (Samba machine) using from any user
registerd under Active Directory Domain controller (Windows 2003).
 In more detail, I have create a network where  Active Directory is running
on Windows-2003, windows-xp and Linux machine with Samba server, All these
machine are registerd under Avtive directory.
   Suppose I three User let say alpha, beta and gama in my active diretory
domain, then I can logged in to the network from windows-xp machine using
alpha, beta and gama user id.
 I can also logged in the domain using alph,beta gama, but every time I need
to create same user alpha, beta, gama on my linux machine(Samba server is
aslo running here), I would like to know is there any way by which I can
join the domain without creating the user account of alpha, beta gama on
linux machine.
 In the same order I can access the linux (Samba server) machine from
windows PC using only alpha, beta, gama account (because these user accounta
are available in linux) only, Suppose If i add one more account let say
"Tokyo" in side my active directory then using the tokyo as a user id I can
not access Linux (Samba) machine because "Tokyo" user is not available,
Kindly let me know if there is any way or mapping technique is available
inside Samba or Active Directory.
Thanks in advance
Brijesh Shukla

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