[Samba] Winbind missing secondary groups depending on case &distro

Roger Prefontaine roger at interbaun.com
Wed Feb 14 16:03:08 GMT 2007

Yes, id looks like a red herring.

The id in CentOS 4.4/RHEL is version 5.2.1 and works.
The id in Ubuntu 7.04 is version 5.97 and does not work.

I literally moved the id binary from the CentOS machine 
to the Ubuntu machine and it behaved properly.

Which means that my problems with Samba on my 6.06 LTS 
machine are just a coincidence and I need to return to 
it and re-troubleshoot my problem.


> Possibly just a quirk with the "id" utility.

> The version I tested with:
> ----------------------------------------
> $ id --version
> id (GNU coreutils) 6.7

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