[Samba] Terminal+Samba+Removable media

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Wed Feb 14 10:48:39 GMT 2007

I did something like that in my eviroment. I have LTSP terminals and I 
connect to a win2k3 by rdp and I share the local devices with samba.
What I do is a script that creates an smb.conf with the shared devices, 
then I run smbd, then I connect to the server via rdp and finally when 
the connection is closed I kill smbd.
The smb.conf accepts only ONE connection per share, and the win2k3 has a 
netlogon, to map the drives of the client on the logon, son only he/she 
can access his local devices.

The mount/umount I do it with supermount and no problems.

Tell me if you need something more.


PS: sorry for my english, I never study.

Артем Бобровский wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> There is a Win2003 with AD and Mandriva 2007 workstations. All the 
> workers are using RDP Windows terminal and working in windows 
> environment. The task is to make it possible to exchange data with 
> removable media (CD, floppy, usb-flash) connected to their workstations.
> I suppose the tasks are:
> -to tune automatic mounting in a specific mount point (e.g. 
> /mnt/flash, /mnt/cdrom, /mnt/floppy).
> -to make a share in samba and enable read/write access
> -to unmount the filesystems correctly without finishing a windows session
> Any ideas?
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