[Samba] What is the difference between %u and %U

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Sun Feb 11 21:19:25 GMT 2007

James A. Dinkel wrote:
> {munch
> >From what Jerry says then, I should use %u, but I'm still a little
> curious as to what %U would be used for then.
Suppose that you have anonymous shares -- ones used as readonly software 
If you wanted to log them you could have  a
log file = %m-%U.log if you wanted to find out who was using the these 
(That is, if smith uses the share from the machine aardvark, you'd end up
with a aardvark-smith.log file.)

On the other hand if you want just to analyze how much traffic the 
shares  are getting, you may prefer a log file = %m-%u.

This may also hold true for shares where you force user to something, 
and want to track who wrote the new no-alcohol-at-the-staff-party 
policy  onto the company handbook share...

I can see possible situations with include files too, where you want to 
keep the base
file simple, but include files based who is trying to do what.

'course I may be all wet too. 

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