[Samba] Connection from WinXP 64 Bit to Samba server broken?

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Fri Feb 9 14:58:56 GMT 2007

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Hi Michael!

Thanks for your reply!

Michael Gasch schrieb:
> hi andreas,
> i just can tell you that we migrated from debian (samba 3.0.14 orig
> debian) to SLES10 (samba 3.0.22 orig novell) last weekend to make
> winxp64 work with our samba DCs. before that you could join the domain
> but not authenticate. i know that almost all of your samba versions are
>> 3.0.20 which contain the fix for 64bit. we use "security = domain" 
> w/out specifying a password server on our member servers (SLES9/
> SLES10). which versions are your DCs running? can you connect to the
> IPC$ share of any DC? can you login to winxp64 on the domain?
The WinXP 64 Machine can join its assigned domain without problems,
the domain controller is running samba-3.0.8!

But the servers in question are *not* in this domain, they are all in
a different workgroup.

- - andreas

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