[Samba] Connection problems from WinXP SP2 to Samba Server Ubuntu 6.10

Wolfgang Sailer Sulla at gmx.at
Fri Feb 9 13:46:37 GMT 2007

Hi All!

I have a - I suppose - simple question:

I experience problems when I try to copy large ammounts of data off my
Linux-Server (Ubuntu 6.10) down to my Windows XP client.
Every now and then the Windows Client seems to lose the connection, and it
cancels the copying-command giving the error message "the network resource
can not be found or does not exist".
For a moment or so it seems to lose connection to the mounted network share
(S: drive in my case), but in the next moment drive S is there again.
Enough, though, to interrupt the copy process.
My setup is SAMBA with user/password authentication as a simple File Server
(small home network), no active directory no nothing.
The connection goes through a Netgear router.

This is pretty annoying, for it stops the copying process altogether.

Is this a known problem? What can I do to fix it?

In case this is a non-standard probelm I can provide logs and config-files,
of course!

Thanx for support, Sulla

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