[Samba] Connection dropped when copying large files to a SambaServer

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Fri Feb 9 13:12:24 GMT 2007

I'm not sure how best to proceed with this one either...short of generating
a huge amount of debug info.

One clue (should someone be reviewing the nearby code), is that the failure
appears to occur around the time of file close!  In my tests, I can write
out 65GB of data no problem, but around the time of file close smb hangs up.

I don't think it's an underlying filesystem issue since an equivalent write
using NFS to the same server works great.


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On Thu, Feb 08, 2007 at 02:04:18PM -0500, Michelle Dupuis wrote:
> I can see h/w being a cause in many cases.  We've reproduced this on 2 
> different servers with 2 different storage technologies.  And once 
> using Backup Exec and once using Ghost.
> Starting to smell a lot like a s/w problem...

We would need much more information. I know it's difficult to do higher
debug levels for this data rate, but without more info we just can't
diagnose this remotely.


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