[Samba] Is that possible to use Samba with LDAP authentication in WorkGround mode?

CheeYang Chau cychau at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 11:32:34 GMT 2007


I have used smbpasswd to maange my samba accounts all the while.  Due
to the growth of network users, I feel it's tedious to mange the
accounts in smbpasswd.  I have learned that LDAP can solve my problem.
 Some network services like CVS, X-Windows, Telnet and FTP have
successfully working with a LDAP server I setup.  However, I still
encounter problems with SAMBA using with the LDAP Server.

I have studied SAMBA HOWTO and articles that talks about LDAP.
However, these topics are always deal with PDC or Domain.  I just wish
to use Samba in workgroup mode.  Just like the smbpasswd ways I have
used long time ago.  Is that possible to do that with SAMBA + LDAP?

Please advice.

Thank you.

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