[Samba] Best procedure for migration?

Tom Robinson trobinson at intelligentspace.com
Fri Feb 9 10:48:28 GMT 2007

Sherwood Botsford wrote:
> Looking in both Samba3 by example and in Samba HowTo has come up empty. 
> There is a chapter in Howto on migrating from 2.2.8, but it mostly 
> describes the changes in 3 from 2.  Nothing on best practices on how to 
> do it.
> I have two servers running samba 2.2.8a. on FreeBSD 4.5  I have two new 
> (new to me anyway... 2nd hand netfinity boxes) running FreeBSD 6.1 along 
> with a fresh install from packages of samba 3.0.21b.
> Now I have a task that I think is akin to changing the spark plugs 
> without turning off the engine.
> Q1.  Has anyone produced a guide on how to migrate samba gracefully to 
> another machine?
> Q2.  Is it a bad idea to couple the machine migration along with the 
> samba upgrade?
> Heres how I see the problems:

0. make a backup

> 1.  Move files.
> This would be done using rsync, so that the new server would remain 
> consistent with the old server.
tar would be another method. scp would also suffice. at least tar makes 
a backup as you go 8P

> 2.  Move unix logins.  Fairly easy.  The PDC is also the YP server.  
> Make the new server a ypslave.  Later we can reverse the two roles.
if you're not running NIS then you would have to copy the file logins
/etc/{passwd,group,shadow,gshadow} and filter out the system users

> 3.  Move the samba logins.  Initially do this by copying over the 
>  smbpasswd file.  Later convert to LDAP or TDBsam.

> Now it starts getting tricky:
> What do I need to do so that the new server appears as the PDC of my 
> domain?
> What do I need to do so that the users don't notice the switch.
> At present there are a whole bunch of shares that are mapped via a logon 
> script.  The shares will map the same way, except that \\conan will be 
> replaced by \\peon.
change your logon.bat script
you probably need to retain the old PDC/DOMAIN SID information from the
secrets.tdb. I think that gets set into the new PDC secrets.tdb with
net setlocalsid.

> What happens to memories of the old shares?
the logon.bat can delete share mappings with something like
net use f: /delete

> I'm sure there are a million gotchas in here.

probably a few more now!

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