[Samba] Migrating from 3.0.7 to 3.0.23c problems

Gary Martin gmartin at overtons.com
Thu Feb 8 19:03:35 GMT 2007

We built a new server running Samba 3.0.23c and configured it to replace
our corporate PDC that was running Samba 3.0.7.  The PDC uses tdbsam and
has the "admin users" directive defined.  All user accounts were copied
to the new server.  Using the output of "net groupmap list" from the old
server we mapped the windows accounts and SIDs to their unix group
counterparts on the new server.  When we started using the new server we
experienced some problems, users could log in to the domain and access
samba shares but not could not access windows shares on the domain.
Also our Domain Admins had a uid of 0 as expected but could not perform
administrative duties on pc domain members.  We downgraded the system to
samba version 3.0.21b and got it running properly performing the same
steps.  We would still like to upgrade to 3.0.24 though.  Does anybody
have an idea of what went wrong with our upgrade?  Can anyone offer tips
or instructions on how to upgrade from 3.0.21b to 3.0.24?




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