[Samba] upgrade 3.04 to 3.0.23d ?

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Wed Feb 7 21:15:25 GMT 2007

Stefan G. Weichinger schrieb:
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
>> STefan,  I would recommend reading the WHATSNEW for
>> relevant changes since a lot has changes in 3 years.
>> This will also help bring you up to date on any
>> smb.conf option changes.
> Umm, yes, I know this would be the thing to do.

Read through the Whatsnew.txt today, the only danger seems to be the
changed behavior regarding SIDs and the group-mapping. I will backup
/var/lib/samba before upgrade ;)

What about charsets?

The problem I am trying to solve seems to be related to some
charset-problem: files with umlauts in their names seem to be
misinterpreted by linux-tools or something like that, at least at
restore time, when unpacking a tgz or similar ...

Is it necessary/clever to sync the files to some XP-client (by using a
XP-client that sees the filenames correctly), then upgrade samba and
after that copy the files back to the Samba-share, storing the files
onto the linux-filesystem through the uptodate-samba again?

Hope this doesn't sound too weird.

I am spending way too much time on debugging this already, backup isn't
reliable there right now and I have to find a solution soon without
risking too much.

Thanks, greets, Stefan.

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