[Samba] Re: Cannot change case of existing file names

Jordan Russell jr-list-2007 at quo.to
Wed Feb 7 18:18:04 GMT 2007

Mac wrote:
> MS Windows doesn't distinguish between those two names, so it won't let
> you perform the re-name as it thinks you're not changing the name.

That's actually not true; Windows-hosted filesystems allow it.

--- Test on local Windows 2000 file system ---

C:\>echo . > FILE.txt

02/07/2007  12:11p                   4 FILE.txt

C:\>ren FILE.txt file.txt

02/07/2007  12:11p                   4 file.txt

--- Test on remote share hosted by Windows 2000 server ---

J:\>echo . > FILE.txt

02/07/2007  12:12p                   4 FILE.txt

J:\>ren FILE.txt file.txt

02/07/2007  12:12p                   4 file.txt

Jordan Russell

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