[Samba] Re: Cannot change case of existing file names

Jordan Russell jr-list-2007 at quo.to
Wed Feb 7 18:23:44 GMT 2007

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> If it did ever work, it was a fluke.  Renaming
> files to different case on a caseless filesystem
> (or filesystem protocol) doesn't make much sense.

Erm, why would it be a "fluke"? You can do this on local filesystems (as
far back as Windows 95, at least), and you can do this on shares exposed
by Windows servers. Only when talking to a (recent) Samba server does it
fail to rename the file.

(How I noticed this problem: I have an rsync-like program that mirrors
the contents of a local directory to a remote system. One thing it
checks for is discrepancies in the case of filenames; if it finds any,
it corrects them. This feature works on Windows servers, and up until
recently, I'm fairly certain that it worked on Samba servers as well.
Now, when talking to Samba servers, the program just finds more and more
case discrepancies each time it runs, because it can never correct them.)

Jordan Russell

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