[Samba] audit module

Sherwood Botsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Wed Feb 7 18:29:26 GMT 2007

Sascha wrote:

> another question is: how can i tell samba to keep more versions of the log files? Now it only keeps a client.log and a client.log.old.
One tack may be to write a script to rename any old files to a 
datestamped file.

If you do this, you end up with

Run the script at 11:58 and do the datestring at the start.
Each file will contain the activity of that day.

Alternately,  use  newsyslog. Part of the release with freebsd.  Probably
available for other systems.

# logfilename          [owner:group]    mode count size when [ZJB] 
[/pid_file] [
//var/log/daemon                         644  365   *    $D0   Z
/var/log/maillog                        644  365   *    $D0   Z
/var/log/dns                            644  365   *    $D0   Z

I've not done this with samba log files, as I've not found them useful 
for anything but debugging current problems.  

If you want dailies, then in smb.conf, set the file size for the logs to 
be larger than you would get in a day, or set it to be 0 (unlimited)

The format above names them files name.1 name.2 name.3... and gzips them.

If you prefer a slightly different approach:

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