[Samba] Lock issues? Help with migration from Windows to Linux/Samba

robert mena robert.mena at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 15:30:08 GMT 2007


I am facing a problem with my application.  It uses a windows share to
give access to a buch of dbf (I use FoxPro) files.

When I access it alone (via the share) everything runs fine but when two
users try both face a strange slowdown.

The strange part is that it used to be fast even with dozens of users.  It
started to behave strangly a few days ago and I've tried everything,
including creating a new server.

Why am I sending this to the samba list?  Because I already run a samba
server in another enviroment and I am planning to use a samba server to
replace this server.

I am assuming that the problem is somewhat related with the OS and how it is
handling locks so...

I am interestered in tips regarding maximizing the performance of the
samba/os in this enviroment.

My distro of choice is CentOS 4.4.


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