[Samba] Problems accessing a Samba share while logged into an AD domain....

Sukanta Ganguly sganguly2004 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 01:30:06 GMT 2007

   I am having some problems a Samba server logged into an Active Directory Domain, acting as PDC on Windows 2003 server. When I log into the AD domain from my XP machine, I see the Linux server, which has also logged into the AD server and exported a few shares. From XP i see the share in explorer but when I try to access it it pops up a login/password box for me. When I enter the login id and password (which is my login id and password for the AD domain, which it should not ask as I am already logged into the domain), it tells me that it is incorrect.
   Do you what I have done wrong here? 
   If I am not logged into that particular AD domain where in the Linux/Samba server is loged and I try to access the Linux box from outside it works. What is the difference here? It still askes me for the Login id and password which is the AD login id and password (It should ask in this case as I am not logged into the domain).
   Any help or pointers will be appreciated.

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