[Samba] Re: Urgent - Samba 3.24 kills my network

Nico Behrent behrent at mathematik.uni-kl.de
Tue Feb 6 23:10:35 GMT 2007

Lars Müller <lars <at> samba.org> writes:

> Packages with a 49 at the end of the RPM release are on the way.
> ftp.suse.com will have them in about 30 minutes from now.

Wow! Installed them and things are back up and running again - at least this is
what I can say while remotely debugging. Let's see what tomorrow will bring :)

> I'm very, very sorry for those of you used the 47 or 48 release.  I'll
> try my best to prevent this in the future.

Lars, I hope you know how much we appreciate to simply HAVE up-to-date packages
which are normally installed in seconds without any hassle. Sometimes, bad
things happen and we all know that we play around with these RPMs on our own
risk - especially if we put them onto a production-server ;)

So thank you & Günther very much for your efforts to fix this stuff when you
should be relaxing.

Have a good night,

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