[Samba] net rpc vampire, profiles, SIDs oh my!

Brad Askew Brad.Askew at Tsch.biz
Tue Feb 6 20:00:38 GMT 2007

Ok. I am trying to "net rpc vampire" from my current AD domain into a 
ldapsam password backend so I can get the user SID to preserve profiles. 
I am aware that HKEY_USERS holds that SID as well. In my test 
environment, the SID for userA in the AD domain when taken from 
HKEY_USERS and put into userA's ldap entry as sambaSID preserves the 
profile correctly, also the last digits of the SID for userA are 1007. 
That same userA has a SID ending in 3018 when pulled from AD using "net 
rpc vampire". My question is this, is "net rpc vampire" not the way I 
need to go about getting the correct user SIDs from the current domain's 
users? I have 100+ users, and it would be nice to avoid looking at each 
user's HKEY_USER to get their SIDs. I hope this is clear, and thanks for 
your time & thoughts.


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