[Samba] ntuser.dat

Miles, Noal noal.miles at tdstelecom.com
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Hmmm...well ntuser.dat is the registry hive that is loaded into
HKEY_CURRENT_USER for each user.  So..you are making the
HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive read only?  I am guessing that a user
wouldn't be able to add printers, customize desktop, etc.  However if
any application wanted to write to HKEY_CURRENT_USER that would be a

You could check out the activity on HKEY_CURRENT_USER by downloading
regmon from sysinternal which will show you registry activity that can
be filtered to HKEY_CURRENT_USER....

If you want to see what is in this hive open regedit, highlight
HKEY_USERS, select file->Load Hive, and browse to an ntuser.dat that is
not in use....You will have to give a temporary name which is how you
will identify the loaded hive under HKEY_USERS.


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What are the implications of locking the ntuser.dat file on the user's 
server profile? That is, if I make the ntuser.dat file read-only, what 
affects will that have on the client?
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