[Samba] Multi ADS Auth servers in 1 smb.conf

James McLaughlin jamesm at co.montrose.co.us
Tue Feb 6 19:51:49 GMT 2007

Hello All:

I would love to RTFM on multiple ADS servers being configured for ADS
sercurity, but I can't find anything.

Specifically:  I have 2 ADS servers at 1 site.
I have 4 SAMBA file servers at said site.
If ADS server 1 goes down --  It will not cascade to ADS Server 2.  How
can I set that up?

I have seen when using "security = server" multiple server names listed,
but have not seen anything regarding ADS and this. 

I am planning on testing this either this weekend or sometime in the
evenings, but thought maybe the list would know....

...The list always knows....
James C. McLaughlin
Montrose County IT
Office: (970) 252-4598
Cell: (970) 209-8329 

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