[Samba] Disapearing Drives: Urgent help needed

Ron Garcia-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Tue Feb 6 18:29:14 GMT 2007

Wow, I can only be sure by playing the waiting game, but the WINS server 
parameter was pointing to a machine that I'd retired long ago!  This 
could very well be the culprit!  Thank you so much for the tip.  I'll 
post back if this problem disappears for a few days.

Josh Miller wrote:
> When this issue occurs, what is the output from smbclient on the Samba 
> server?
> # smbclient -L localhost
> Also, I have had this problem in the past (long ago) and it turned out 
> to be an issue with WINS not being setup properly.  Please post the 
> output to the following command or verify your WINS settings:
> testparm -v | grep -i wins
> Thanks,
> Josh, RHCE
> Ron Garcia-Vidal wrote:
>> Seriously, I realize the below post doesn't have all the necessary 
>> info to diagnose the problem, but I'm not even sure where to look for 
>> more info.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> =====================================
>> I have been having a problem with my Samba server for about a month now
>> and need help.  I am having users mysteriously losing access to drives
>> during the day.  The drive will un-map itself and any further attempt to
>> access it through wither Windows Explorer or just typing the UNC in the
>> "Run" window will result in a "Drive or path not accessible" error.  On
>> the samba side, nothing shows up in the logs on subsequent connections,
>> so I'm unsure how to diagnose what the problem is.  Attempts to access
>> the share from another machine as the same user are successful.
>> The fix for this seems to be, either reboot the client (less preferable
>> because the user gets upset) or restart the smbd on the server.  Either
>> way, subsequent share access is restored.  Unfortunately, this problem
>> is reoccurring several times a day and I find myself restarting samba
>> about 4-5 times daily.  This has reached a crisis point, so any help
>> would be appreciated.
>> In terns of samba version, this problem first appeared when I upgraded
>> to samba_3.0.23d-2+b1 (on Debian Testing).  Subsequently, I rolled back
>> to samba_3.0.23c-1, but the problem still persisted.  I have since
>> upgraded to samba_3.0.23d-4, and am still having this problem.  Please 
>> help!

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