[Samba] Strange Profiles Problem

Keith Lynn lynn at cis.usouthal.edu
Tue Feb 6 17:04:52 GMT 2007

This is a problem I've been experiencing lately after an upgrade from 
Samba 2.2.8 to Samba 3.0.23d.

The problem seems to have to do with either the user's profile or the 
ntuser files in the profile.

Normally what happens when a user logs in is that either the desktop.ini 
file's contents are displayed, or the user's program menu appears just 
like you had hit the Start button.

What happens now is that when the user logs in, only a portion of the 
programs menu appears. The icons that appear normally on the left-hand 
side aren't there. The user's name still appears at the top.

When this does happen, when running a Powerpoint slide, then the user is 
asked several times to input their name and initial, and then finally the 
program shuts down and asks if you want to send an error report.

The only way I've been able to restore the use of Powerpoint is to remove 
the user's profile on the machine, remove the one on the server, and then 
have them login again.

After doing this, and running diff on the directories, the only real 
differences were the ntuser.dat files were not the same, and the log files 
were different.

Also, and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this, there is an 
annoying .tmp file that keeps showing up. It's dated Feb 1, but I don't 
know if it was because of a partial load or something like that.

Also, in the damaged profile, the size of ntuser.dat is only 262144, 
whereas in the correct profile, the size is 786432.

Has anyone experienced anything like this.

Is there any suggestion about what I can do to diagnose the problem?


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