[Samba] Samba enterprise performance?

Koen Smeets samba at fotoloog.org
Tue Feb 6 15:43:10 GMT 2007

Hi list,

Due to possible budget cuts, I am looking at finding alternatives to the Netapp 
filers we currently have. Obviously, one of the key drivers is the performance 
required for our specific application.

On https://www.fotoloog.org/fs.png you can see the load on our main filer. The 
key question I have is: looking at that graph, do you think it is worthwhile 
looking into Samba further as a possible replacement for the filer cifs 

I am still in the process of running netapps stats command to get insight in 
the raw disk i/o, which will possibly de the deciding factor. Will post as soon 
as I have that info.

I was thinking RAID6 Areca cards (2 GB of NVRAM/BBU), quad Xeon servers with 16 
GB of RAM and 'enterprise' sata disks (though possibly avoid raptors due to 
relatively low capacity).


Koen Smeets

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