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- Reyneke reynekejunk at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 6 11:12:51 GMT 2007


I'm trying to get samba (v3.0.23d) going on an embedded system. Our initial 
requirement is to get a very simple windows share operational. No security 
required, read only anonymous access. With this in mind we followed the 
guidelines as per the samba documentation:


Samba (smbd) crashes with a "failed to get pdb methods for backend guest" 
message. After searching the mail archives I have my doubts as to whether 
the conf line "passdb backend = guest" is correct. Tried "tbdsam" but then I 
run into all kinds of access challenges from the clients.

Because this is an _embedded_ system with limited user management, we want 
samba to ignore all access operations. I.e. don't do any PAM, Unix 
user/password checks. Just allow read access to the directory from any 
Windows client/domain/workgroup. What is the simplest way of achieving this? 
What are the etc/passwd file requirements? Anything else we need?

~~~~~~~~~~~ Conf file ~~~~~~~~~
workgroup = MYGROUP
netbios name = MYSERVER
security = SHARE
passdb backend = guest

comment = Read only data
path = /data
guest only = yes

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