[Samba] Disapearing Drives

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Mon Feb 5 20:11:03 GMT 2007

Ron Garcia-Vidal escribió:
> I have been having a problem with my Samba server for about a month
> now and need help.  I am having users mysteriously losing access to
> drives during the day.  The drive will un-map itself and any further
> attempt to access it through wither Windows Explorer or just typing
> the UNC in the "Run" window will result in a "Drive or path not
> accessible" error.  On the samba side, nothing shows up in the logs on
> subsequent connections, so I'm unsure how to diagnose what the problem
> is.  Attempts to access the share from another machine as the same
> user are successful.

it happens to me the same. I have not found the solution

Suse 10.1, Samba 3.0.23d

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