[Samba] smbclient and name resolv timeouts

Nicklas Bondesson nicklas.bondesson at pakompetens.se
Mon Feb 5 14:14:28 GMT 2007

Hi list,

I have some problems with long timeouts in samba when using smbclient. The
problem occurs when any listed nameserver in /resolv.conf is unreachable.

Samba is setup with security = ADS and auth methods = winbind. DNS is
serving _ldap and _kerberos SRV records.

After ~200 secs I get the following in my debug output:

ads_cleanup_expired_creds: Ticket in ccache[MEMORY:cliconnect] expiration
tis, 06 feb 2007 01:03:12 CET
session setup failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)

I have tried setting "options timeout:1" in resolv.conf but that only takes
it down to a good 25 secs.

Question: Is there a way to reduce the total time smbclient takes to decide
if a nameserver is available or not (if this is the actual problem)?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


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