[Samba] Samba behaving badly with quotas

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Thu Feb 1 23:03:26 GMT 2007

I have successfully added disk quotas to my FC6 system, so that the user
"backup" cannot create files more than 1 block on /   The reason I
implemented this was because I backup my system to a USB drive mounted to
/media/drivebay/backup1.  However, if the drive is not mounted, then my root
drive fills up (writing to the /media/drivebay/backup1 folder) and linux

The problem is, that the user quota applied to / is also applying to my
/media/drivebay/backup1 device too -only when accessed remotely as a SAMBA
share!  (I don't think that it should; although /media/drivebay is on the
same partition as / the backup1 subdir is my mountpoint).  In other words,
the user "backup" cannot write more than 1 block to /media/drivebay/backup1
when accessing via SAMBA.   Why is this - and how do I fix it?

My goal is to prevent the user backup from writing more than 1 block to / ,
but as much as he wants to /media/drivebay/backup - when copying data from
remote machines.  What do I have to change?  (I know that I could do
something similar in a script, but I want to learn about quotas).
the usrquota program does not exist in my distro (FC6), but "repquota
/media/drivebay/backup1" shows:
repquota: Mountpoint (or device) /media/drivebay/backup1 not found.
repquota: Not all specified mountpoints are using quota.

This suggests that quotas are not applied to that mount point.  However....I
can r/w just fine as user "backup" with quotas off, and not with quotas on.


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