[Samba] copying a folder removes the 'hidden' attribute

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Thu Feb 1 22:24:48 GMT 2007

I have extended attributes enable in the file system so the 'hidden' and
other attributes should be saved as an extended attribute.

When connecting to the share from a Windows computer, if I copy a FILE
then the new file stays hidden, but if I copy a FOLDER then the new
folder is NOT hidden.

I tried this on a Windows file server and it does preserve the 'hidden'
attribute, which is what I want.  I know this isn't really critical, but
it's annoying when copying a folder with hidden subfolders.  All the
hidden subfolders are now un-hidden and I have to go through and re-hide

Is this a bug, or maybe there is something I can do about it?  I'm using
Samba 3.0.23d from the Debian Etch repository.


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