[Samba] nested groups with user mapping doesn't work

Rainer Weber raiweber at mpim-bonn.mpg.de
Thu Feb 1 14:05:22 GMT 2007


i've a samba server (3.0.23d) as a domain member (not a PDC/BDC). My problem is that if I'm using 
user mapping with the option 'username map = user.map' the samba server doesn't see that I'm a 
member of several domain groups and the nested groups doesn't work. If I deactivate the user mapping 
then nested groups works fine but I've a different UID on the unix FS (from the idmap uid range) and 
  I can't access my files.

The unix user:
  bash-3.00# getent passwd raiweber
raiweber:x:120:14:Rainer Weber:/home/raiweber:/usr/bin/bash

The windows user:
bash-3.00# getent passwd WINDOWS+raiweber
raiweber:*:10005:10002:Rainer Weber:/home/raiweber:/bin/bash

The user.map entry looks like:
raiweber = "WINDOWS+raiweber"

The PDC is a Windows Server 2003 and we have both unix and windows user with the same name.

How can I map windows users to a specific UID (e.g. WINDOWS+raiweber to UID 120) and use nested groups?



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