[Samba] password server vs. passdb

Chuck Theobald chuckt at uoregon.edu
Thu Feb 1 01:52:50 GMT 2007


Is it possible to run a non-PDC file server which references an 
authentication server via the "password server" directive as a BDC to 
the PDC? In short, I have one machine that serves as the LDAP auth 
server and PDC for my domain. I have another machine that is the file 
server and uses the aforementioned "password server" directive to 
authenticate users. Now, I would like to run the file server as a BDC as 
well. I have set up the file server as a slave LDAP server per Jerry's 
"LDAP System Administration" book, and am working from John Terpstra's 
chapter on Backup Domain Control.

My aim is to have the file server fail over to itself for both domain 
control and authentication should my main LDAP server/PDC go offline. 
Otherwise, the file server should reference the main server for both 
domain control and authentication.

I guess the question boils down to: What should I have password server, 
passdb backend, and security set to?


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