[Samba] speed and connection problems after samba upgrade - RH 5 -> RH 5.1, samba 3.0.23c -> 3.0.25b

Laurent CARON lcaron at lncsa.com
Fri Dec 21 15:10:10 GMT 2007

Götz Reinicke wrote:
> Hi,
> recently we upgraded a central RHEL 5 fileserver to the latest RH EL 5.1
> rpms, including samba. (samba-3.0.23c-2.el5.2 update to
> samba-3.0.25b-1.el5_1.4)
> Now some users have the problem, that opening a word or excel file saved
> on a samba share takes up to 30 seconds. Today I could verify this on
> the users desktop XP PC.
> This problem occures only from time to time, so it may be also a problem
> on the client side or the networkswitch, so I did a test download from
> an ftp server (ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de) and I can download files with
> up to 6MBytes(!) - that's o.k.
> Copying files from the server (e.g. an 600MB iso) takes about 60 seconds
> - that's also o.k.
> But opening smal files on the server takes sometimes that long ...
> My question is: Could it be, that the update includes some changes in
> timeouts or locking funtions? Which options may I check? Or are there
> some cachefiles to be checked?
> The logfile has no obvious hints for me right now...
> Thanks for any hints and tips!
> Best regards
> Götz


Did you check duplex, speed and autoneg on the switch and on the nic ?


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