[Samba] password

Andrea Bencini andrea.bencini at tin.it
Sat Dec 29 16:08:25 GMT 2007

> Andrea Bencini wrote:
>> I would like to know about "passwd program" and "passwd chat" (I have
>> already read man of smb.conf)
>> 1- What is their function
>> 2- When I should use them
> Have you read Samba by example?

Yes, I have

> In any case, you're unlikely to get an answer unless you ask a more
> specific question. My reading of the man page is that it's pretty clear
> exactly what they do.

I have installed samba-3.0.28-0 like PDC and I have only some  Xp prof 
In "global" section of smb.conf I have set
passdb backend = tdbsam
unix password sync = no
encrypt password = yes

I have NOT set  "passwd program" and "passwd chat"
Then, with pdbedit, I have set password expired.
I can change the password, when it is expired, from Xp prof client.

The question is:
Are "passwd program" and "passwd chat"  part of the suit to change the 
I haven't used them, but I can change the passwords; then when  should I use
them? In which situation?

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