Re: [Samba] A simple stand-alone scenario but "public" share doesn´t work

Markus Fischer fischer at
Sat Dec 29 09:09:07 GMT 2007

Hello Rolf

To share the documents  it is necessary to tell Samba itself who has 
access to the shares.

If your shared users are in group user, you would have to specify in
your share:

valid users = @users
force group = users

alternatively you can specify:

valid users = rolf ingrid

Be sure that rolf and ingrid are in the group users.  "force group" 
ensures that the documents are accessible by the members of the group 
"users" when different users write the documents.



Rolf Deenen wrote:
> Ah, yes. Sorry about that. I tinkered so much that i accidentally must 
> have placed "browseable" twice in the directive. I don´t think it 
> matters much, because later the correct command is given: "browseable 
> = yes". I removed the "browseable = no" and restarted samba. It makes 
> no difference. Thanks for the reply though.
> Rolf
> Quoting Yan Seiner <yan at>:
>> Rolf Deenen wrote:
>>> [shared]
>>>   comment = Shared Directories
>>>   browseable = no   <================
>>>   path=/home/samba/Documents
>>>   writable = yes
>>>   create mask = 0770
>>>   directory mask = 0770
>>>   browseable = yes  <================
>> ????
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