[Samba] Access to shares too slow

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Fri Dec 28 22:53:55 GMT 2007

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Charles Marcus wrote:
> Just curious...
>> The switch is set to 100-FDx (100baseT/Full Duplex), so everything
>> matches... 
> You don't have this (a SERVER) plugged into a Gb switch? If not, why?
> You will get a huge performance boost...
> Also, you have auto-neg enabled on the server - this can cause problems,
> it is better to manually set it to the desired link speed/mode.

This is somewhat of a falsehood. Sure, you can eliminate problems this
way, but I find most problems are NOT caused by autonegotiation, they
are caused by improperly configured switches. When both ends are
configured for BOTH speed and duplex of auto, things generally work
correctly nowadays. If one end is not set that way, the standard says to
try the highest speed and then drop progressively lower, ALL at half
duplex. This can cause a lot of problems. Let's say you have your
machine configured to 100/Full. Your switch, set to auto, WILL drop to
100/Half and you'll get a lot of errors. I'd say this is how 90% of
these problems occur.

With Sun machines, I know, you can force a certain speed by taking away
the card's ability to advertise a higher speed, while still leaving
autonegotiate on. Not sure how this works with other platforms.

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