[Samba] Problem with Windows 2000 share.

Jacobus Erasmus jacobus at kewlconcepts.co.za
Thu Dec 27 12:45:17 GMT 2007

I've been running Samba at a client for about 6 years now. Recently
(last 2 years or so) we've been having a problem that I could not fix.
Up till now it is still a problem.

We mount a Windows 2000 Professional share. Sometimes the share becomes
very slow (freezes) for a couple of seconds. It then continues on it's
own. This could be short or long. The reason that I have not tried to
fix this up is that I could not reliably duplicate this and assumed the
problem was something with my setup.

In any case eventually we where able to find a reliable way to duplicate
the problem.

If I do a "find" on the directory that is mounted to the Windows 2000
Professional box this causes the problem after about 30 seconds. 

The windows 2000 box also runs applications that process the data that
is pushed onto it by the linux box. 

Any ideas would be appreciated. 

BTW. The speed at which I connect the windows 2000 professional box is
not critical but we do have anything from 20-80 users concurrently
connecting to the linux box via FTP that gets dumped onto the Windows
2000 box.  

Any settings I can play with that could solve this problem. I have done
the same test on a Samba-Samba system without any problems. 

Jacobus Erasmus
jacobus at kewlconcepts.co.za

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