[Samba] notepad: LocalizedResourceName=

J jae at platinumpsi.com
Fri Dec 21 20:56:22 GMT 2007

I have notepad popping up for every user with a long message that starts 


I found an explanation here:


> What is happening is that the desktop.ini file that is normally hidden is
> having those attributes stripped off, possibly because your config 
> does not
> allow the windows hidden attribute to be mapped. The change happens when
> the user's roaming profile is copied up to the server on logout and then
> copied back with the new unhidden attributes.
> Now that the file is visible, it is being 'run' since it is in the startup
> folder, and the default app to run an ini file is notepad.
> You can either delete the file or figure out what config options you 
> need to
> change to allow it to remain 'hidden'. You will probably have to remove it
> on all profiles already showing the behavior since it won't get set 
> back to
> hidden.
I know I can set up Samba to ignore all "." files, or even this one, in 
particular, but I don't know what the ramification is to doing that.  
What is the best way to stop this behavior?

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